Quis custodiet ipsos custodes

One of my favorite cartoons growing up (and, to this day) was/is “Justice League.” There’s a nice scene in one of the episodes when the founding members decide to disband the Justice League after a bad mishap. Superman makes the case for disbanding it on their behalf.

As they begin to walk away, Green Arrow – one of the vocal minor characters – makes an impassioned speech asking them to reconsider. They do.

Right after, in what remains a memorable scene, Batman walks over to Green Arrow and says – Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

To this, Green Arrow responds – “Who guards the guardians? We got this covered.”

If you’ve always had people you’ve turned to for help, advice or simply to vent and complain, it is worth remembering that being a guardian comes at a cost. Being in a position of leadership of any kind is an inherently lonely place. The more you do and the more you care, the more lonely it likely is. So, every once in a while, check in on your “guardians” and see if you can take care of them. It’ll mean more to them than they can express.

And, if you find yourself playing guardian regularly, make sure you find your Green Arrow(s). :-)