There are a million ways to do something wrong

There are just a few ways to get things right.

The best practice sales systems were built by understanding top performing sales people.
The best practice training regimes for athletes were built by studying top performing athletes like Jerry Rice.

So, when you get into a new system where you want to be successful, first, identify folks who’re doing well. Next, figure out how they approach their art. Finally, get introduced to more folks like them (like attracts like – stars attract stars) and build relationships with them. You are, after all, the average of the five folks you spend most of your time with. So, if you want to be an elite athlete, start hanging out in circles with elite athletes.

And, once you understand what they do well, copy shamelessly. Let there be no ego in adopting best practices. You will, in time, adapt their approach to your own style and even make them better.

That’s how innovation happens.