Never done

The first secret to staying in good spirits consistently is to embrace the fact that we’re never really done.

Sure, you can be done with cleaning your home, doing the dishes, or clearing out the task list for the day. But, you’ll only be done with those for the day. Cleaning, staying organized and getting things done are never really done.

The beauty about embracing this is that it reminds us that going on a crazy triage of our “to do” list isn’t what we need. What we need is deliberate planning about how we intend to spend our day, re-prioritization when things inevitably don’t go as per plan, and focus when we get to doing the things we need to do.

The question isn’t – “When will I get done?”. It is – “Have I made progress today versus where I was yesterday on the key priorities?”

The game is infinite. The important thing isn’t the final whistle. It is, simply, to play.