Collection of mediocre skills – The 200 words project

If you are among the best in the world at something, that’s great. As Scott Adams (Dilbert cartoonist) describes it, your path forward is clear – just keep better and better at your craft. For everyone else, Scott theorizes that every new skill doubles your chances of success. And, he believes this is the case because of the importance of the combination of complementary skills.

In his case, he possessed average writing ability, average cartooning skills, an average sense of humor and mediocre business experience. In isolation, these weren’t great but they worked great in combination. His experiences working at Pacific Bell exposed him to the Internet. So, he became among the first cartoonists to make Dilbert available online and he even put an email address on Dilbert comics to solicit reader feedback. Over time, feedback from his readers led to him focusing Dilbert on the workplace – all of which played a huge role in its eventual success.

So, if you are Marketing Manager who is skilled at Marketing, that’s a good start. But, if can also count digital marketing and design among your capabilities, that greatly improves your odds at success. Collection of mediocre skills = formidable.

“Can you name one other person who has average skills in writing, humor, art, and business? It’s a rare mixture. Individually, none of my skills are anywhere near world-class. But combined, they create a powerful market force.” | Scott Adams

Source and thanks to: How to Fail at Everything and Still Win Big by Scott Adams