Checklists for all small wins

I have a simple checklist item on my to do list in gray (gray = no pressure) that I see every morning. It just says “charge phone.” There is the rare day when my morning reset hour gets disrupted. But, that aside, for the most part, I typically see that checklist item and put my phone on charge.

I am a huge fan of checklists for repeatable tasks. Items like “Blog,” “Read feedly,” “Clear email” are examples of gray checklist items. These items ensure I start the day with a consistent clean slate. I’ve just moved to a new location as of yesterday and I can definitely feel myself still getting into the groove – evidence of that is in the morning list as I only managed to get through half of what I’d like to get through yesterday and today. I’ll get into routine soon enough.

These simple small wins at the start of the day always bring happiness with them. They make for an easy check on the to do list as I ease in. And, they also give me the feeling that I am ready to dive into the day without little worries such as whether my phone is charged. And, most importantly, they reduce variability. Feeling disorganized and unsettled is a real barrier to a clear mind. And, all good things start with a clear and focused mind.