Kite strings – The 200 words project

Here’s this week’s 200 word idea thanks to some awesome anonymous storyteller and a hat tip to Vik’s blog for sharing the story.

A son was watching his father fly a kite. After some time, the son said – “Dad, that string isn’t allowing the kite to go any further higher.”

Hearing this, the father smiled and broke the string. The kite went higher for a while and then began to come down and, eventually, fell to the ground. The child was very disappointed as he saw his idea fail.

The father took the opportunity to share a life lesson. He said – “Son, in life, when we reach a certain level of prosperity, we can often feel that there are certain things in our life that are not letting us grow any further. These things can be home, our values, our culture, our existing friendships etc. We feel the need to be free from those strings as we believe they stop us from going higher. But, remember, going higher is easier than staying at that higher level. Often, it is precisely our friends, family and values that help us stay stable as we experience the highs of our achievements.”

Source and thanks to: LinkedIn Pulse

And one to make you smile – ‘If you ever want to call a family meeting these days, turn off the WiFi router and wait in the room where it’s located.’ :-)