Celebrating ourselves and those around us

We had a lovely tribute to the friend I wrote about on Saturday. At the end of the hour in which many of us recalled lovely memories and celebrated his life, I was left with a niggling question – how many of us let each other know how much we appreciated each other and care? How many of us appreciate ourselves and what we have?

Many of us often spend too long being hard on ourselves for every mistake we make and discount every nice thing we do. We do the same for people around us – too often we just kill relationships with high expectations and unnecessary negativity. And, we also mess with our incredible bodies – eating poorly, sleeping less than we need, and never exercising our body and mind.

Do we always need a shock or horrible outcome to do justice to our lives?

If we feel we do (and that’s okay as long as we accept it), perhaps a better way to approach it would be to write down 3 things we’re thankful for every morning and 3 things we’d do today if we knew it was our last day. Think about it, be intentional and don’t let life happen to you.

What we have is a gift. And, it is entirely up to us to use it well. Let us be excellent to ourselves and each other.

And, I thought I’d begin with you today – thank you for reading these notes, thank you for sharing them as you do, and thank you for writing in every once a while. To be connected with you through a combination of these words, the ether and a few differently shaped devices means more to me than you can imagine. Have a great day and week.