Hygiene and Motivation factors – The 200 words project

I hope you’re having a nice weekend. Here’s this week’s 200 word idea from How will you measure your life? by Clayton Christensen, James Allworth, Karen Dillon..

Psychologist Frederick Herzberg noted the common assumption that job satisfaction is one big continuous spectrum – starting with very happy on one end and reaching all the way down to absolutely miserable. Instead, satisfaction and dissatisfaction are two separate, independent measures and are functions of hygiene factors and motivation factors.

Hygiene factors are factors like compensation, status, and work conditions. Bad hygiene factors cause dissatisfaction but having good hygiene factors alone do not make you love your job. They just stop you from hating it.
Motivation factors are factors like challenging work, recognition, responsibility, and personal growth. These factors are those that make you love your job.

The challenge is that motivation factors are hard to measure while hygiene factors (especially money) are relatively easy to measure. A lesson both for job seekers and job creators – create an environment high on motivation factors while ensuring hygiene factors don’t get in the way. Let it not be the other way around..

Hygeine motivation factorsSource and thanks to: www.EBSketchin.com

‘The point isn’t that money is the root cause of professional unhappiness. It’s not. The problems start occurring when it becomes the priority over all else, when you’ve satisfied the hygiene factors but the quest remains only to make more money. Herzberg’s theory of motivation suggests you need to ask yourself a different set of questions: Is this work meaningful to me? Will I have an opportunity for recognition and achievement? Am I going to learn new things?’ | Clayton Christensen