The Matt Damon method of finding help – The 200 words project

Here’s this week’s 200 word idea (and the first of the new year!) thanks to, Nathan Kontny’s blog.

On his blog, startup founder Nathan Kontny explains that the best way to find help is to first become the person you seek. He observed that he regularly bumped into people seeking help from others in their projects or careers – like business people looking for technical co-founders or people looking for someone else to write a press release about them.

Kontny, instead, believes actor Matt Damon had it right. Instead of looking for some writer to give him a starring role, he just became the writer and wrote the script for Oscar winner ‘Good Will Hunting’.

So, Kontny’s advice is – if you’re a “business guy” stuck because you can’t find a technical co-founder, go become the technical co-founder. Go to some classes, conferences, meet-ups and read technical blogs and forums – do what you think a technical co-founder would do. And, you’ll be surprised that the action of trying to accomplish this actually puts you into the company of a great deal of people who would make… really great technical co-founders.

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‘A funny thing happens when you do the work to become the thing you seek so much from others. You find it.’ | Nathan Kontny