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Today marks the 50th 200 word idea since the start of the year and the 325th weekly learning over the past 7 years. Today’s is from our interview with Albert Wenger on I thought today’s quote and story made for a great way to start reflecting on the year that’s gone by (thanks Albert!). I will be taking a two week holiday season break from these notes myself. :-) So, more 200 word notes to follow in the new year and here’s wishing you happy holidays!

Venture capitalist Albert Wenger shared a close friend’s wonderful saying, ‘You never know when you had a good day’. In his words –

“In my first startup, an internet healthcare startup, we brought in a very experienced management team. I thought that was a great day. Subsequently, it turned out that team, which was very experienced, made some decisions that ultimately led to the demise of the whole thing. It turned out not to be a good day. Conversely, when the deal to buy a software company fell apart, I thought I had a terrible day. I had worked intensely on something for 2 years and it fell apart. That, though, turned out to be one of the best things – I wouldn’t be here doing this with you if the deal had happened. I would be in Cleveland working with that company.

One of the things I have come to learn is that you shouldn’t get too depressed on the downside, or too excited on the upside – just keep plugging away. Eventually, good things happen.”

“You never know if a bad day is a bad day” – converse of the Albert saying to give us heart as we think of a bad day/phase

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