“You snotty-faced heap of parrot droppings”

In his latest book, “What To Do When It’s Your Turn” (And It’s Always Your Turn) by Seth Godin, he shares a great example from a Monty Python sketch called “Argument Clinic.”

Paraphrasing, this involves Michael Palin going in to pay cash to have an argument. He is sent to a room where is repeatedly abused. He’s totally taken aback and soon realizes he’s in the wrong room. He then goes into an argument room where he has a pointless argument. Five minutes later, he’s told to get out because the five minute he’s paid for is up.

Seth’s questions to us are – Why are we living this sketch daily? Why do we go to actual rooms where actual people make us feel badly? He points out that, with the same amount of time, we can always go to an “egg me on” room or a room filled with enthusiasm.

It is a powerful point. It is easy to be a victim of habit or programming and repeatedly visit rooms that don’t do us any good. And, this holiday season, perhaps it is worth doing an audit of the rooms we spent most of our time in. Maybe there are a few that need to be taken out and perhaps a few that really ought to be there. We can choose our company. In choosing our company, we inadvertently choose our wellness and happiness.

PS: I hope you take the time to read the book. This is a totally biased recommendation because I love Seth’s work. This book is like a collection of his blog posts with some really nice additional illustrations. I think of it as a book you keep at home to flip every once in a while. It reminded me of “The War of Art” by Steven Pressfield as the themes that Seth discusses are those around fear, inspiration, and taking the leap. It won’t work for many sorts of readers – especially those looking for 5 tips to create your next ventures. But, it’ll work for some (especially those who love his blog) and I guess that’s how Seth intends it. :-)

Also, as an additional note, when you get the book, do check out page 97. Seth has generously featured a blog post from here.