Gaining IQ points

Someone recently shared that people stuck in poverty have a lower IQ score on average than those better off. However, this IQ score goes up almost as soon as they know they’re out of their current financial condition. Researchers have posited that this is because a large portion of their mental resources are taken up by questions around requirements at the low end of Maslow’s pyramid. Constantly wondering whether there will be a next meal, whether the roof will hold up for the night or whether they’ll be able to survive their current illness doesn’t leave much mental space for much else.

So, if you don’t need to worry about any survival necessities, you ought to know that you’ve just been gifted a whole bunch of IQ points. These IQ points enable us to think long term, build for the future and work towards causes bigger than ourselves.

Or, we can just choose to focus on the latest minor setback, the sarcastic comment on Facebook or our envy at an acquaintance’s relative short-term success.

We can also choose to give thanks for the 30 odd IQ points we gained out of sheer good fortune of being born in the right place or focus on all those things we don’t have.

Completely our choice.