The sumo state of mind

The average sumo fight lasts around 10 seconds. The preparatory rituals before the fight take much much longer than the fight itself.

A fight is a culmination of intense preparation over the 3 months between the 4 major tournaments and rigorous practice for years before they qualified to fight in the highest division.

But, all that ceases to matter when they step onto the ring. It all comes down to the quality of their effort in those 10 seconds. If a top grade sumo wrestler can keep up his intensity over the course of a tournament day and bring his highest level of performance in the 20 or 30 seconds during which he fights, he’ll emerge a winner. If not, he risks losing his place in the division. And, hence, one of the biggest objectives of the practice regime of a sumo wrestler is to find ways to sustain that intensity. Traditionally, this means living a life of intense discipline while they train.

We often measure our productivity by the duration of our effort. Perhaps we should channel the sumo state of mind and try intensity as a measure of our productivity instead.