Lovelace nurses and identity – The 200 words project

Here’s this week’s 200 word idea from Switch by Chip Heath and Dan Heath..

The Lovelace hospital in Albuquerque faced an 18-30% turnover of nurses. This meant a high staff replacement cost, low morale, and high risk to patients. Kathleen Davis, VP of Operations, decided the way forward was by “Appreciative inquiry” – to change the organization by figuring out what’s working. So, with consultant Susan Wood, they interviewed 100 about what was satisfying in their jobs.

Most nurses were feeling beaten down and overworked but their tone changed when asked what was working – they were all very loyal to nursing. They loved being ‘nurses’ – it was their identity.

So, Lovelace’s management introduced “Extraordinary nursing” awards, changed their onboarding programs to focus on building this identity, and conducted workshops to help nurses improve their nursing skills. Nurse satisfaction scores increased. The results followed – they improved retention by 13% and patient satisfaction with nursing went up.

Here’s to testing appreciative inquiry in our lives as well..

Appreciative inquiry
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‘To discover why nurses choose to stay at Lovelace – and to gather insight in such a way that the process in and of itself contributes positivity and minimizes negativity.’ | The purpose statement of the Lovelace inquiry statement