The Kindle and Enid Blyton

I grew up reading Enid Blyton, a British novelist. I don’t know if this is an Indian thing but Enid Blyton was the most common children’s author when were growing up. I owe Enid Blyton’s book a lot – her stories ensured I had a childhood full of stories of kids who solved mysteries and had adventures on their own.

Inspired by her books, I’d even started a small group that met on Sundays to discuss conspiracy theories around issues like the Bermuda Triangle. We didn’t sustain that for too long. So, in true start-up spirit, we pivoted to create a lending library. This was our first money making venture and, while it made us some pocket money, it was hugely problematic as every time we got into a fight, one of the parties threatened to take their books back. It taught me an important lesson – beware of large partnerships! Anyway, I digress.

As I was reading a book on my Kindle day before yesterday, I decided to do a quick search for some of Enid Blyton’s books. And voila! A huge collection was available. This must be somewhat recent as I remember checking for them a year or so ago. I immediately went about purchasing a few books from my favorites series – the Malory Towers series, Mr Galliano’s circus, the Five Find-outers, and the Famous Five. And I now carry all of them on my iPad and have begun reading the first Malory Towers book. It feels wonderful.

This post isn’t as much about the wonders of technology or the kindle (they definitely are wonderful, alright). It is what the technology we have today enables. When I walk around with my phone in my pocket and my iPad in my bag, I carry a 100 books with me. It’s never been easier to get smarter, get creative, go down memory lane, and pretty much do so many things that would have been science fiction thirty years ago.

It really is an amazing time to be alive. And, for all of us who are touched by technology, there really are no excuses for procrastination and squandering away the most important finite resource at our disposal.. we need to get over ourselves and our problems and make these gifts count.