Embracing what is

Does cleaning ever end? Will there ever be a day when you say “that’s it – no more cleaning for the rest of my life?”

As long as we’re around, cleaning will be too. It follows then that we have 3 choices –

1. Go into it kicking, screaming, and whining
2. Accept it and do it with indifference
3. Embrace it and enjoy it

If cleaning is going to be around for the rest of our lives (and it is), whining is wasted energy. Embracing it and enjoying it is clearly the best solution. It is what it is. We just ought to make the best of it.

If cleaning is a given, isn’t failure a given too? Do we treat failure as an odd occurrence or do we understand that failure will be around as long as we are?

The next time you find yourself kicking, screaming, and whining when you fail, think about cleaning. If your attitude sucks for both, fix it. They are here to stay. Embrace them. Enjoy them.