Repeatable processes

The worst way to do something is to do it in a way that cannot be repeated. This typically involves procrastination, anxiety and a mad dash to the finish line. The excel sheet is a mess. You got the answer required (or so you say) but you couldn’t do it again. You have no idea what worked. It isn’t repeatable. It isn’t a process.

The success habit is created by repeatable processes. It isn’t created by managing around crises. This approach involves front-loading the work and the stress and is typically characterized by a focused and relaxed finish with ample time to check and re-check the final product.

So, how are repeatable processes created?

1. Assume you will be back to reuse what you are working on. No compromises on excellence.
2. Make conscious decisions right from the start. Front-loading work and stress is a conscious decision. Postponing decisions inevitably results in procrastination and bad non-repeatable processes.

I am thinking about repeatable processes as I enter the new year. Perhaps it will emerge as the theme of the new year. It is definitely an idea I want to get my head around. Another such idea is decision making. I trust you will see many more blog posts on both in the coming months.