When you eat your first morsel at the next meal today..

take a moment and think about the effort that has gone into the meal.

It is very likely that –

– many farmers in different parts of the world have toiled for many months together to harvest the grains and vegetables that formed your meal

– many dealers and wholesalers in these parts then paid these farmers to transport this to the retailer

– the retailer team organized many a marketing campaign to make sure these were sold while fresh

– someone in your family or in the restaurant you are eating now spent a great deal of time attempting to cook it to perfection

– and, lest we forget, many people in the companies we work in made buying this meal a possibility (thank you, pay-check)

That’s a lot of people whose efforts have made this morsel possible. And yet, it is highly probable that we just gulp it down without giving this effort a thought. Perhaps we even mentally sigh at the imperfection of the meal because we don’t have something we wanted to eat.

So, today.. I’d suggest we do things a little differently. Before you eat your first morsel at the next meal, take a moment to give thanks.. to the many who made the meal possible.

Let’s take a moment to appreciate our gifts.