FaceTime Audio Love

I called a friend using my Skype credit 2 weeks back. The connection was choppy. We decided to give FaceTime Audio a shot. It worked like a charm.

2 days back, I received a phone call at home and we were having some trouble with the line. Cue – a switch to FaceTime Audio. Once again, worked like a charm.

I’ve been using FaceTime Audio extensively over the last few months for both professional and personal calls and it has never disappointed. A friend likens the sound quality of FaceTime audio to the experience of listening to the person standing right next to her. I agree. The voice quality is fantastic – often better than a direct phone call and definitely much better than cross platform competitors like Viber.

I don’t know about Apple’s prospects over the next 10 years. There are few who liken it to BlackBerry since the innovation these days seems fewer than when Steve Jobs was around. Maybe that’s true. I don’t feel the same way. I am very grateful to them for FaceTime Audio. Sure, it’s incremental – but I think it’s implications are huge. Add a conferencing feature to it and you have a very powerful disruptor.

I’d love to hear about telephony services that have saved you a ton of money.

(Sorry to all the non-iDevice readers!)