My vote for the best social network out there..

What makes a service a social network? My assumptions are –

1. Ability to connect with others
2. Ability to share photos, videos, and life events
3. Ability to communicate in real-time
4. Ability to organize offline events for more connection
5. Ability to funnel content/speak to sub groups of the overall network

While Facebook excels at 1-4 and does an okay job of 5, Facebook became a victim of it’s own success – it became too big. Path bettered the idea with a smaller and more private social network that does some of this well. LinkedIn occupies the niche of a professional social network so we won’t bring it in for the purposes of this discussion.

Over the past year, however, I’ve observed one social network climb to the top within my social group – Whatsapp. What started out as a way to send free text messages between iOS, Android, and BlackBerry platforms is now much much more than that. Whatsapp allows me to connect with folks in my phone book (i.e. my network), share photos, videos, and events in real time, and communicate better than any other. It then takes organizing offline events and sub-group communication to a whole new level.

Most folks in my social group wouldn’t even think twice to create a Whatsapp group to plan for the next weekend. In fact, they probably don’t need to do that because they’ve probably got on going groups for their football, get togethers, friends, and family. It’s a continuous stream of communication.

As far as my social group goes, Whatsapp is the undisputed leader of the social network group. It has it’s work cut out to stay that way but I thought I’d congratulate the team for iterating continuously to bring forth a fantastic and much loved product. Facebook team, I hope you’re watching..