All is hardly ever well

Look at all your key fulfilment factors – career, finance, health and fitness, relationships, mental and learning, and life and happiness – and you will find that all is hardly ever well. On average, you will always have 1 that is going bad, one that needs attention and the rest will be relatively smooth sailing.

Life is a careful balancing act and we learn over time that neglecting other factors to get one right is damaging in the long run. So many of us neglect our health and relationships in pursuit of success in our careers and this regularly comes back to haunt us. What’s the point of success if we are diagnosed with high blood pressure in our 30’s or have no one to celebrate our “Employee of the year” award with?

Even if you put in the right amount of effort to tend to each of these, all will hardly ever be well. Life will throw up a challenge to keep us interested. No point getting down. No point being unhappy. No point worrying. And absolutely no point not having fun. The challenges never stop. So, if you find yourself smiling a lot less than someone you know very well or worrying too much to have fun, then it’s worth stopping what you’re doing and taking stock. Everyone around you has similar sorts of challenges.. some just choose to rise above them and make the best of life.

It doesn’t matter what the situation is in your life right now – you have the power to make it better, to smile, to be happy, and to spread your happiness. Equally, you have the power to do the opposite and spread unhappiness. That’s a lot of power. Use it well.