HOW fascinating

When a player in Benjamin Zander’s orchestra makes a mistake (or on occasions Zander himself), Ben makes it a point to stop and say, with a beaming smile, “HOW fascinating!”

The best managers I’ve worked with are those who don’t rub it in when I make a mistake. If you care about the work you’re doing, then the very experience of making a mistake tends to hurt just enough.

Things get interesting when we then ask ourselves – how do we manage ourselves? Research reveals that we are all largely horrible managers. We are too hard on ourselves and shoot ourselves in the foot for our mistakes when it is completely unnecessary. Why else do most attempts at building willpower and creating great habits fall apart 6 days after the new year?

So, just for today, if you catch yourself or someone around make a mistake , erase the “oh sh*t” reaction, give a big smile and say.. “HOW fascinating!”

And hey, if it works, it might be worth continuing the practice tomorrow as well.