Experience university

The only tuition you need to pay at experience university is to exhibit bad judgment and make mistakes.

It’s simple, really. Go out, do something, and make a mistake – ideally a big one. Voila! Your education at the best university in the world has just begun. No essays or statements of purpose required. The only expectation is that you will take action and make mistakes. Ideally, you try to make sure you don’t repeat the same mistakes but hey, no one is perfect.

You only look silly here if you don’t do anything.

After all, attempting to not make any mistakes could be the greatest mistake of them all.

PS: On a different note – If you are wondering about what’s happened to the “Rockstar Anayst” series, I plan to get back to it in 2 weeks. I’m sorry but I have no appetite to open up an excel sheet while on honeymoon. :-)