Sharanya Manivannan on Creativity, Poetry, and Inspiration

Dhanya interviewed Sharanya Manivannan on Sharanya is a Sri Lankan-Indian poet, journalist, and novelist who currently lives in Chennai, India.

My favorite snippets

“I think everybody is creative. I think everybody has that creative nerve. I do believe in a spiritual understanding of what creativity is and I think it comes from somewhere within.”

“I also realized that I had always regarding writing as an incidental activity. My mistake was trying to change that perspective. Now I am going back to the original idea. I wouldn’t say priority, I would say incidental. Incidentally creating a piece of art carries a deeper a sense of satisfaction along with it – atleast for me.”

“Write what’s true; what’s true to you. Write when you want to; write when you have to. Don’t worry about the rest. It’ll come when it does.”

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