Ditch Autopilot Mode – Think once a day

We are creatures of habit and habit is the “automation” centre of our brain. The moment an action becomes repetitive, our brain makes a habit out of it so we don’t need to both using mental resources for it. Most of our driving, walking to the train station, etc., are done in “autopilot” mode.

The problem with “autopilot” mode is that, if our daily work is repetitive, we subordinate most of our lives to a Monday-Friday monotony. Not much input required.

So, how do we ditch autopilot mode? Write everyday. Write in a journal if you’d like to keep it private. But, just write about an idea that pops into mind – a take on the world’s events, an idea that you’d like to see developed into a movie, or an observation about people. It doesn’t quite matter. Just write about one idea every day and write about it.

Writing everyday will push you to thinking. You might do okay for the first week but it’ll soon push your thinking beyond what you’ve imagined. Inspiration won’t strike every day so you’ll find yourself noting ideas down for no-inspiration days.

And, even after noting down tons of ideas, you might find it really hard to write one morning because you just don’t feel any of them are good enough. On those mornings, I suggest you write about writing or tell your readers to do what you do..