Today, you are as old and wise as you have ever been. You are also as young and naive as you have ever been.

Today also happens to be the day when we are as advanced as a civilization as we have ever been. And yet, we have a long road of advancement ahead, too.

Today, in short, is the perfect intersection. You at your wisest point and the world at it’s most advanced. Your life is good. Very good. Sure, it’s not perfect. But, you have a lot more than you need and thank god we get what we need, and not what we want. You have access to the sort of resources and tools most of our ancestors couldn’t even have dreamed of. Luckily, a few did. And, thanks to them we live at an incredible time.

So, what have you got planned today that might result in something the future generations might be thankful for?

What have you got planned that might make the lives of the people around you better?

Who are you planning to help today?

Yes, it’s the weekend (I hear you). Sure. Relax. Take stock. Start planning tomorrow. The new week will be here and our excuses for not making the world that bit better will run out..