Don’t punish everyone for one person’s mistake

The hotel I am in has a policy – they will only accept your laundry bag if you mark out the number of clothes of each kind on an extensive checklist. As filling that form would mean missing a train, I let them know that I trusted them to do the right thing.

The guy at the reception uttered those dreaded 5 words.

“Sorry sir. It’s hotel policy.”

It’s easy to trace what happened – some customer once created a massive hue and cry because of a missing dress. So, the management decided to issue a policy. In that one moment of anger, they punished hundreds of future customers who weren’t out to get them till the end of time.

Derek Sivers has a brilliant 2 minute video on this –

It’s tempting to prevent future failures because of one bad experience. One bad break up and it’s tempting to write the opposite sex off. There are seven billion people on this planet. And, yet, so very often, we let one of them ruin our day and cloud our judgment.

As Derek puts it, you can’t prevent bad things from happening. Learn to shrug. Life is good.