The trick to great communication is..

1) Having something of value to say (requires us to either read smart books or hang out with smart people and learn how to think, notice and “see.”)

2) Saying it in as crisp and as concise a way as possible (requires years and years of deliberate practice – I struggle with this and regularly err on saying too much when not required – and intense preparation in the early years)

3) Listening carefully to your audience so you can tailor what you prepared (requires a willingness to listen, learn and adapt)

None of this is impossible. None of this is easy either. Great communication is best developed as a habit borne out of these 3 elements. It’s not borne out of what communication coaches have us believe – pauses, eye contact, etc. Style can be developed and is a phenomenal add on. Steve Job’s style can only be appreciated when he releases devices as revolutionary as an iPhone or an iPad. Content first.

And, like all good things in life, there’s no trick. Just a habitual embrace of the pain that goes into deliberate practice..