Fun Friday: What’s Your Animal Spirit?

Brad Feld had a fun post the other day on “Animal Spirit.”

“I’ve always felt like a bear. A big, cuddly, nice, soft bear. Mellow. I like to sleep. I like to eat. I wander around, a little curiously larger than comfortable in my slightly oversized body.”

This was the first time I’d heard of this concept, and I thought it would make for a great “Fun Friday” topic. I didn’t have to give it too much thought. I guess I always knew my animal spirit is a dog. In particular, I think it’s a Saint Bernard.

Why a dog? I am restless, full of energy, clumsy (I knock things over all the time!) and eager to learn. I also toggle between working hard and sleeping lots and am fiercely loyal to a small framily group.

Why Saint Bernard in particular? They need strong hands/influences early else they can get unruly (In the context of my life, the danger MAY have passed). They are good in crisis as rescuer dogs and it generally takes a lot to piss them off. Don’t, though.

And, of course, they are damn good looking. ;-)

Image Source

And yes, I am biased towards Saint Bernard thanks to having watched the Beethoven series of movies many many times as a kid.

So, what’s your animal spirit? Happy end-of-the-week all!