Work Hacks Wednesdays: Collect All Positive Feedback You Receive

2 simple steps –

1. “Smile” Folder: Keep a “smile” folder on your Outlook/Gmail and collect all positive feedback you receive. Be meticulous about this. Every time, you receive an email commending you on fantastic work, transfer it to the smile folder.

2. Positive Feedback Doc: Keep a document/One Note/EverNote page for all your positive feedback. I’ve written a few times before about scheduling check ins and reviews proactively. Ensure that you spend some time on things that are working well, take notes on your phone, and email them to yourself. Again, be meticulous about transferring them to this positive feedback doc.

This positive feedback doc turns out to be a wealth of information. We learn both from our successes and failures. So, it’s always useful to know what you did well so you can do it again, especially if it was done out on accident. Additionally, you may discover an area of strength that you didn’t know about.

And, finally, when you have that really bad day (not if, when..), the smile folder and the positive feedback doc will go a long way in making it better.