Learning from Hits vs Misses

You just finished a presentation and are sitting down for a debrief with your team. What do you focus your energy on? The “hits”? or the “misses”?

If you are following normal habits, you will likely gloss over the hits and go really deep into the misses. That’s the norm – don’t focus on the strengths or what you did well. Focus hard on your improvement points.

Now, let’s imagine you are a football player. You took 2 shots during the game. The first shot was hit with the wrong part of the foot and fizzed wide. The second shot, however, hit just the right spot and you scored?

What do you do now? Spend all your time figuring out why the bad shot was hit that way? Or do you spend time practicing so all your shots hit the right spot, like the second one?

We tend to be critical by nature and finding flaws in a process or person comes more naturally than finding strengths. Finding flaws and criticisms is the easy thing to do.

The hard thing to do is to figure out all the things that went well so success can be understood, and replicated.

(PS: Things will go wrong anyway, no matter what you do and learnings from those misses will always follow if you take some time to reflect..)