Process vs Outcome

There are 2 ways to approach anything in life – By process or by results. We can choose to measure our success and happiness by the results we have generated or by the process/method we apply to life.

The catch, of course, is that the external world judges us by our results. As a result, we are trained through life to look at outcomes and results. We grow up, as a result, worrying more (on average) about our grades vs understanding, our medal vs our running style, our presentation vs our preparation.

The flaw in this approach is obvious. More often than not, we don’t control the result.

So, what then? Ignore the process approach and only worry about the result.

My take is to shun the outcome. Never mind what the result is. Focus intensely and deliberately on the process. Become the master of approach and the master of an awe inspiring process. Hone your skills, and approach your work like it’s a craft.

It’s only a matter of time before you churn out craftsman-like results. Success and happiness will ensue.