Building Personal Infrastructure

I am in India as of todays and am catching up with the state of affairs here thanks to the best new source of them all – my mom.

One of the points of discussion was the 10-12 hour daily power shortage in an important city in the state. Yes, that’s 10-12 hours. And yes, that’s every single day. Can you imagine how that must affect productivity? There’s a reason developed nations are more productive – their citizens do not have to fight the most “basic” fights.

The better the infrastructure, the higher the productivity.

Then, it follows that the million dollar question for us would be – have we taken time to build infrastructure in our lives so we don’t waste our bandwidth on “basic” fights? Do we have systems in place that help us deal with the pressures of daily life?

Forget the macro systems and the state of the world. Let’s look within and ask ourselves – is our personal infrastructure as sophisticated as that as a developed nation? Or are we stumbling through life fighting the “basic” fights every day?