Ask your credit card company for a fee waiver

I noticed an extra $150 on my credit card bill and called up my company.

“What are these charges for?”

“Annual credit card fees, sir.”

“Why am I being charged these fees this year when I wasn’t charged anything last year?”

“Sir, I cannot answer that. I can only deal with requests for a waiver.”

“That’s exactly what I’m doing – requesting for a waiver.”

“Oh. Sir, I am pleased to inform you that you are eligible for a waiver. I will take these fees off right away.”

This is the kind of money I could so easily have thrown away. I’m sure I have done so before and I’m sure many have. It’s shocking that some policies exist. I’m sure the company justifies it thanks to some fine print on a contract.

For us, the lesson is clear. Check your bills. Call companies. Get unnecessary fees waived.