Taking control of our lives

Let’s face it – there are very few events we actually control. For the most part, life just happens to us. And we spend a big chunk of our time reacting to these events.

That said, there are big parts of certain constants we actually do control.

For example, we don’t control what others think of us at work. But, we do control how we go about doing work. Or, we don’t control what our final exam papers look like. But, we do control how we prepare for it.

It’s easy to get into one of two modes of thinking –

“I don’t control anything.” So, who cares, right?

“I have too many choices.” Do I play politics, back stab that colleague, pretend I was working at 2am on Monday morning? Cue decision paralysis.

We have a penchant for complicating things. Let’s keep things simple – work hard, study hard and as Steve Martin would say..

‘Be so good they can’t ignore you.’

Best wishes for a good week.