“I Don’t Understand”

One of my favourite executives says this a lot. Explain your thinking and you will likely hear “I don’t understand” a few times.

And what would I often tend to do if I were in his place? After a question or two, I’d probably say “Ah. Ah. Okay. I got it.” (even if I haven’t)

That way, I’d make sure I have a suitable interpretation in my head and also not indulge my fear of coming off looking stupid.

That’s the difference between him and me. While I am encumbered often by false pretences, he just freely says “he doesn’t understand” if he doesn’t. That way, he makes no assumptions and makes sure he really does understand. He doesn’t worry about what people think. He worries about making sure he does understand the information that comes up to him to make the right decision.

I resolve to do better.