The Filter

We all have filters. It is this filter that helps us interpret the world. If we stood alongside five other people at random and observed a street for an hour or a project group working, we would see these filters in action.

Yes, we would all be seeing the same thing. And no, we really wouldn’t. It is likely we would all have different interpretations to the same situation.

The power of a filter is often underestimated. An optimist’s filter interprets nearly every action with a positive twist while the pessimist’s works the other way around. A suspicious person’s filter works to find every interpretation that indicates wrong doing or cheating.

The amazing thing about filters is that we generally choose filters that match our own personalities. If we are suspicious, it is likely we have a suspicious element to our filter. If we are happy, it is likely we filter everything we see with that happiness.

The power of choosing a filter is not given the attention it really deserves. At the end of the day, the filter is but a question.

An optimist looks at a negative event and asks “What can I learn from this?” while a pessimist looks it with “Why am I so bad?” and “Why is the world conspiring against me?” is a suspicious person’s question.

We are how we see the world. We see the world through our filters. Our filters are the questions we ask.

So, if we are the questions we ask, what questions are we going to ask ourselves today? Are we going to learn or judge?

Inspired by today’s good morning quote..

‎’If you can change yourself, then you have already begun changing the world.’