Offer of Help

I have been working on a couple of chunky projects these past couple of months, both at work and otherwise. And as always, I have found myself grateful for help I have received from unexpected quarters that got me across the line.

So, now that I am getting started/re-started on a whole bunch of my own projects, I thought I’d offer up a bit of my time and energy for anyone who is looking for help.

What do I mean by help? Good question. I am fairly open about this. If you are reading this post, it’s very likely that you’ve been reading this blog for a while and have your own ideas. Specific areas where I feel I can add value in are help around presentations, job search related issues, resume review, structuring content or ideas. That said, if you are looking to bounce a new project/initiative/product with someone or think through a specific problem, I think I can help there too. And if it’s a question you would like to answer me on this blog, that’s an easy one!

Why am I putting this up here? I was thinking about this the other day. I am generally always working on a “be of help to someone” project in a normal week. It’s typically resume review, career help (where possible), university and graduate school applications. But, it’s typically either with people who I know well or with people who know me and hence, connect a friend or a relative who is in need of specific help.

This week, I was inspired by 2 offers of help I saw on the internet. One of them was Brad’s random act of kindness and the other was Joanne answering my question on money management advice. I have interviewed Brad and Joanne over Skype but have never met them in person. Yet, they’ve both been really helpful and approachable. It’s nice to know there are people out there willing to be of help.

So, while I’m not a rock star venture capitalist or a super inspirational mom and angel investor (a.k.a. Brad or Joanne :-)), I thought I’d do my bit and offer my help to anyone who needs it. I’m testing this idea out for the first time via a blog post and interested to see what it’s going to bring.

Please feel free to write in to

Have a good weekend all!