Track your refunds, check your credit card bills

You often realize that age old wisdom like ‘Get a yearly physical check up done’ are age old and wisdom for a reason.

I’ve been having hell with United airlines trying to get my refund from them. The most amazing thing is they are two months late, apparently forgot about a pot of my money sitting with them, forgot to tell me there is a cancellation fee and of course, neglected to tell me I wouldn’t get my money back. I finally got this chased through and done yesterday evening and got a travel voucher for the remaining amount that can only be used with United. Oh, they forgot to tell me it expires in 1 year as well, until I asked.

As for credit cards, I have one credit card which is a fair bit of added complexity. I haven’t had any trouble though but found them charging me a fee for a misunderstanding. That’s cleared then.

Image by Andres Rueda

These incidents don’t change my belief system. I like believing people are not out to screw you. And I do think that’s true. But, it’s worth remembering that massive corporations are bound by so many rules and policy books that screwing you may just be the easiest option.

I hope you are tracking your refunds and checking your bills. (Yes, I know that’s my third travel related rant in two weeks. It must be the weather.. ;-))