Cashless = Not Cool

Life is all about the little hacks. A hack here,, another there, and voila! You have just solved many a problem. For example,

Smaller plates = Lesser eating = Less weight

Routine = Less decision fatigue = Higher productivity

Food at regular intervals = Higher will power

Cycle or walk 30 minutes every day and never take elevators = Better health

The common thing about most of these hacks is that they are all painful in the short term. Perhaps, we ought to define the governing principle for hacks –

Short term GROAN = Long term HELL YEAH!

In this vein, a hack that I am beginning to appreciate a lot more is paying with cash. Yes, I know this is very old school and that cashless is “in”.

Cashless transactions are painless and therein lies the problem. Take out a 100 dollar bill to pay for that additional shoe and you really “feel” the pain. You question if it is really necessary. Besides, you will have to go withdraw more cash if you plan to continue shopping (more pain!). And pain in the short term is awesome.

Image by Cliff Weathers

So, I’ve been paying in cash a lot more these days. And, as far as managing my expenses goes, it definitely is a HELL YEAH!