Journeying Through Failure

Success is good for us. It builds our confidence and makes us feel good. Failure, on the other hand, can be tough on our mind and spirit.

The funny thing about success, however, is that success would be impossible without failure. In fact, the bigger the success, it is likely that we have experienced more failures on the way.

I was reflecting on this on a day when it seemed like everything I tried didn’t seem to work. Life tends to be a breeze on a good day as it all seems to just work, and flow. On a bad day, however, it’s stop-start. You build momentum only to lose it real quick. Vibes of frustration seem to be all over the air around you.

Success tests our character. It tests how far we let increased power affect our normal behaviour.

Failure, on the other hand, tests our appetite for life. It tests our resilience. It makes us humble. And it is what makes day-to-day life the challenge that it is. And perhaps, most importantly, it teaches us to be less judgmental and more patient with ourselves. And I would be very surprised if such a person is overly judgmental and impatient with others..

If this is all true, it leads us to the conclusion that failure is what makes us humble, and human, and journeying through it is an essential part of this life. It is to be appreciated and celebrated because the nature of failure will never change. Our reaction to it, however, is a different matter.