Accepting Help

The Late Stephen Covey had a nice analogy for growth – he said we moved from dependence (the baby phase) to independence (the teenage phase) to interdependence (the adult phase).

One of the characteristics of the teenage phase is feeling uncomfortable when accepting help. I guess we like being safe in the knowledge that we can do it ‘by ourselves’. I have certainly had my fair share of that. I have never hesitated taking help but I do know I used to find it stressful during these years. I wanted to find a way to repay the person helping me.. NOW.

I have learnt over time that accepting help is a part of growing up. Every time I have encountered a major barrier, I have found a whole host of people way ahead in years and wisdom ready to lend their hands. I often have never known why. They must have their reasons. As a result, every time I have looked around, I have somehow found someone without whom undertaking the task would be impossible. Sometimes the help is from an expected source. And yet, sometimes, it is from an unexpected one.

I am currently experiencing a LOT of much needed help from an unexpected source to get me across the line on a certain project. There is no way I can repay the help or even express my gratitude. But, I guess growing up has taught me that there will be numerous opportunities for me to repay at least a part of this and better still, to pay it forward..