Fun Friday: Charlotte and Jonathan

I realize I am a few months late on this but I stumbled onto a now-famous video of Charlotte and Jonathan on YouTube day before yesterday. Britain’s Got Talent/America’s Got Talent often produce some really inspiring videos with the typical underdog going on to make a big wave and a big impression.

Susan Boyle was the most famous of them all, of course. I vividly remember being very inspired by the Susan Boyle video myself and it inspiring me to play a part in co-creating Sparkz, our university’s version of Britain’s Got Talent.

The video about Charlotte and Jonathan, however, was not impressive because they unexpectedly blew the judges away. The big moment in this video comes at 5:30. Jonathan has so far said Charlotte has been his close friend and someone who has helped him with his size related confidence issues. All of a sudden, after this performance, the tables are turned when Simon Cowell points out that he’s probably better off going on in the competition without her because he worries she might hold his talent back.

‘If you want to test a man, don’t give him adversity. Give him power.’

Jonathan went on to make a decision of character, that Cowell validated in the semi final. It’s a very touching moment, one that brought tears to my eyes..

Happy Friday everyone!