Work Hacks Wednesdays: Structuring Thought

We are over to the last post in the ‘Structuring’ series and fittingly, the last post is about structuring thought as it’s probably the hardest of them all. Since thinking is inherently so personal, it would be naive to attempt to apply a frame/standard method. Instead, I thought I’d share 3 principles that I find useful from time to time.

Find your thinking style. We all have different thinking styles. Some think by visualizing, others think by drawing, yet some others think on paper and folks like me think by talking. It helps understanding what our native thinking style is. I find it extremely high value to have a ‘sparring partner’ to bounce off my thoughts and then, structure them. I know of people who need a white board and yet some others who just need a bit of quiet time. Find your style.

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Think first, organize later. Ideas never come beautifully organized. If you are in a discussion that needs bright ideas, just let loose and put all ideas down. Organize them later. Worrying about organization hampers thinking.. That’s why the best ideas come in encouraging, positive environments. Failing is a critical part of thinking and idea generation.

Practice Writing. One of the best posts I have read in this regard is ‘Writing vs Speaking’ by Paul Graham. I hope you click through and read the post for I will say no more.

What helps you structure your thoughts?