The Importance of Being Busy on the Wrong Things

“Prioritize”, “Spend time on things that add value”, “Focus on the important things”, “Don’t work hard, work smart”, “Never do anything that isn’t very important’.

In one way or the other, we hear this, or similar, advice touted in the form of blog posts, talks and advice. This is what every successful person seems to owe his/her success to.

Bah. This is the kind of advice that causes decision paralysis in my view.

Here’s my take.

First, get busy. Get really busy. Really really busy. Commit to more than you can deliver, get stretched and fail. Get busy without over-thinking it. Don’t bother if it’s the right thing. Get busy on doing unimportant things, if necessary. Just get busy.

Once you are in the habit of taking action, you’ll automatically begin filtering all the wrong things out and begin to focus on the right things. It’s trial and error. You don’t just wake up one morning and realize all the ‘right’ things.

You learn football by going out and kicking a ball, and not by thinking about it.

There is no way out of making mistakes. There is no way out of failing. So, fail lots. Do the wrong thing many times. And your judgment will get better over time. It’s called experience.

‘Success comes good judgment. Good judgment comes from experience. Experience comes from bad judgment.’