No Shortcuts

I’ve been going through a very intense period the past few days. An easy measure of that is the fact that I’ve hardly managed to speak to family. That’s saying something. The other easy measure is that I had to spend a few minutes today picking my learning for the day. I generally decide in 30 seconds but today, it took 5 minutes.

So, I decided to go with a learning that popped up in my head twice in the past week. I met with a wise friend yesterday who had just completed one month in a new job. He spoke of ‘long days’ as he was getting settled in his new role and remarked ‘There really is no other way to do it. You just have to dive right in.’

The other experience that I had a couple of days back was when I was taking part in a fun competition. Our team decided to do a video as our entry and as we just had an hour during the day, we were up from 11.30pm to 3.30pm to the get the thing done. We didn’t win but we knew we gave a very good shot and I personally had the satisfaction that we didn’t cut any corners.

There was no other way to get it done though. We just had to clock in the hours. Of course, most of us hadn’t slept for days but it really didn’t matter – the desire to get a great piece of work done was stronger. At the end of the day, it’s about doing the right thing, doing the best and making it count. There is no easy, only right.

There are no shortcuts. Just ask Barclays Capital..