Catching up with Backlog

I am finally back after what’s been an exciting couple of weeks. As I’ve mentioned here, the first week involved a road trip around the UK followed by a trek to the Himalayas. Since returning from the trek on Sunday morning, I am still in transit in a way and will be back in London for normal life starting tomorrow morning. As a result, there are many fun posts coming soon.. to a blog near you. :-)

I’ve been spending the past couple of days catching up with backlog – emails, overdue catch ups and discussions with framily. I find breaks like this very helpful in taking a step back, reflecting and taking stock. It’s probably less philosophical than I make it sound but it’s nice to finally get a few days to break out of the normal routine that can take over your life.

I’ve grown to be pretty organized in the past couple of years and excessive backlog can stress me out when I’m back. A couple of habits have made it easier over time..

1. Make ‘post break’ lists. My ‘post trek’ list had been created long before I left on holiday. Every time a small idea popped into my head, it went straight into the ‘post trek’ list. This includes ideas for work, side projects etc. And I still continue to populate it as I have returned with a few additional ideas.

This weekend will be prioritization and action time.

2. Give email some dedicated time. I am active on email and being involved on a few projects implies a fair bit of email flow. So, I like giving it a bit of dedicated time so I can get my inbox back to inbox zero.

3. Accept the fact that backlog does exist. This might sound flaky but I find this fact to be crucial. Sometimes, I have to remind myself to go easy after getting back from a break as it’s tempting to burn the midnight oil and plough through all backlog. It’s generally not so smart.

Accepting and acknowledging this makes it easier as we all have different sorts of backlog to catch up on and have our own unique styles. A crazy push isn’t always really helpful. After all, it’s not a battle, it’s a war.. Life beckons!