Insight and Fights

Insight – Isn’t that where the value is?

Why would you be reading this if there wasn’t any insight?

It’s fairly easy to just write every day. I’m not quite sure I might have agreed with that line 4 years ago. But things change. And I don’t struggle with the discipline of writing anymore.

But insight, boy.. I wrestle with this every day. I realize now that most posts show up in my head the previous night on a weekday and by the time I’m at my laptop in the morning, I’m ready to go. Preparation helps.

But, on a day like this, I’m reminded of the struggle. I’ve had a fun day – Mom is in town as of last evening and we had a lovely time meeting with a friend, walking around London and even catching a movie. There were many highlights in the day – really ‘seeing’ the city (you tend to not do that unless you have visitors), enjoying a really nice movie that doesn’t seem to be all that popular with the critics and rating websites (boo!) but the struggle of making sense of these experiences and piecing together what I’d really like to convey – that never fails to frustrate.

It’s easy to describe an event but bloody hard to describe an idea. It’s easy to tell you what happened, to narrate an experience but to tell you what that event meant or what that experience could teach us or how that could apply to us, that’s a whole different thing.

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So, I typed out a topic. Backspace. Typed another. Backspace. And finally decided to just voice out my frustration at struggling with the concept of insight. It’s a fight that’s rages inside every single day.

A fight worth fighting.

I am always reminded of a quote from a Harry Potter book that I think of when I think of fights worth fighting.

But he understood at last what Dumbledore had been trying to tell him. It was, he thought, the difference between being dragged into the arena to face a battle to the death and walking into the arena with your head held high. Some people, perhaps, would say that there was little to choose between the two ways, but Dumbledore knew — and so do I, thought Harry, with a rush of fierce pride, and so did my parents — that there was all the difference in the world.

If there’s one thing I’ve learnt over these years, the toughest fights are not out there somewhere. They are not tests of massive physical strength (unless you’re a professional athlete!). No, the tough fights are resisting that bar of chocolate when you’re on a diet, waking up at 6am to exercise on a rainy day, doing that extra hour of study after a long day at work, switching off your computer and not watching that extra episode – those are the fights that really wear us out.

Pick your fight. Walk in with your head held high.

And win.