I looked the time as I began writing this post. 6:39AM. Ten minutes late today. Deadline: 20 minutes. Need to say something sensible but yet need it to be concise and short. Look through blog ideas waiting for a new one to pop up as that’s what happens more often than not. A dose of desperation. Look back into the ideas list. 

Argh. Bloody constraints, I almost say to myself. Wish I had unlimited time.

A few seconds later, I realize – thank god I don’t. It’s the stretch deadline that brings out the best in me. It’s been long established that the best goals are those that are in the stretch zone. And deadlines make us stretch. It would be dead boring if we had the money/time/energy to do what we want.

So, thank you god for all the constraints I do have – they make me learn, they make me better, they make me resourceful, creative and probably most importantly, they make me come back for more.

‘Creative thinking takes place neither inside the box nor outside the box, but at the edge of the box.’