Midnight in Paris

I’m told there’s a famous movie by the name and thought it would be a fitting title for the post.

I am visiting a dear friend who lives bang in the centre of the city. So, we went for a walk around the Louvre area last night and as we crossed a bridge to the south bank, we passed a couple who were sharing a passionate kiss right in the middle of the bridge overlooking the Seine.

Fitting, I thought.

And today’s day was packed with lots of little things we had planned including an exciting interview that will hopefully be out on Monday with a wonderful French entrepreneur. And the highlight for me was roaming about in the French version of Boris Bikes.

This friend put it best when we were discussing the feeling of going running or biking in a city. There’s a certain feeling of belonging when you do that. You feel part of the action, the energy, the vibe..

And what is life without a feeling of belonging..